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Weekly Lessons:

These are paid for on a pay per driving lesson basis. Lesson length is one to two hours, depending on your stage of training and what suits you best. It is the most common way that drivers gain their full licence. We recommend two hour lessons as you will learn to drive faster and find them more cost effective.

Semi-intensive Driving Course:

his course is designed to get you on the road as quickly as possible. In most cases, you can pass the practical driving test within a month of starting the course.

This course is usually up to 40 hours long and is taken in blocks of 5-8 hours per week, usually all on the same day. You must have passed your theory test before embarking on this course and it must be stressed that not everyone is suited to this type of learning.

Pass Plus

This was introduced by the DSA in an attempt to help promote safer driving. The course itself can be thought of as 'advanced driving lessons'. They fill in the gaps that the standard driving test doesn't cover and can help increase confidence for drivers who have just passed their driving test.

It's worth noting that the DSA refer to the Pass Plus modules as a course rather than lessons. There is no test at the end of the course as you are assessed by the driving instructor and not by an examiner.

You already know how to drive, the Pass Plus course is to help you gain confidence and experience on roads and in conditions you are unlikely to have faced on your previous driving lessons.

We Teach You to be a Responsible Driver

There’s only one person who is even more dangerous than a person behind the wheel who does not know how to drive, and that is a driver with only a basic or incomplete knowledge of how to maneuver the vehicle on the road. If it has been a while since you drove a car, a good driving school is essential to get you back up to scratch.

A good instructor will give you first-hand experience on different kinds of roads. You might be used to driving on smooth roads but what do you do when on rough terrain? It requires skill that can only be taught by a professional driving school.

There should be no compromise while choosing a driving school in Enfield, Barnet and North London because when on road, it is not just a question of your safety. You are responsible for others too.

At A2B driving school, we are well aware of the responsibility that comes with our work. Therefore, we make sure that only extremely responsible drivers go out of our doors once they have entered it.

A2B Driving School Can Offer You:right img

  • Top Quality Driving Tuition
  • Given by patient DSA Approved instructor
  • Very high 1st time pass rate
  • Discount on block bookings, Student & Unemployed
  • Discounts free door to door service
  • Pass plus registered
  • Motorway tuition given
  • Intensive courses available
  • Nervous pupils welcome
  • Lessons from £30.00