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I’m a very patient and friendly instructor, committed to your success in passing your driving test. Pass Plus: after passing your test, improve your driving skills even further with this 6 hour course, and lower your insurance premiums.

Intensive Crash Course: learn to drive in 20hrs over 1 or 2 weeks with driving test to follow. Motorway Tuition. A good idea after passing your driving test, as motorways are much faster roads, and can be more demanding.

A couple of lessons will improve your driving and prepare you for the situations you’re likely to meet. Driving Lessons: learn to drive in a stress free atmosphere, whether you’re nervous and it’s your first lesson, or more experienced and test standard.

Supply feedback. I’m often told I’m a very good driving instructor, and 90 percent of my work is from recommendations from my current pupils. Refresher Lessons: Not driven for a long time since passing your test. After a few refresher lessons it will seem like you’ve never been away from the wheel.


  • £30 per lesson
  • Pay for block of 10 lessons at £290.00.
  • Pay for block of 20 lessons at £570.00.


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